Printable Spanish activities for talking nature walks with kids.

Looking and listening for specific things on a walk, kids can get lots of focused practice with the Spanish verbs oir and ver and also review basic vocabulary. These printable Spanish activities work well with kids at all levels, because you can easily expand the input to meet different language abilities.

The idea is simple. You just take a walk and look for certain things or listen for certain sounds. When kids see an object on the list, or hear a sound on the list, they mark it off the sheet. I have included two simple printables below. You can easily adapt them or make one that has sights and sounds you usually find in your neighborhood. My activities focus on either listening or seeing, but you could certainly make a sheet that combined them.

You can find another printable check sheet for a Spanish Nature Walk here.

I have used these printable Spanish activities with home-schooling groups that have children of different ages and levels. I reviewed the words using pictures before we went out. With the listening walk, we imitated the sounds we might hear (that was for the little ones) to be sure everyone understood what the pictures represented and what we were listening for.

On the walk, teachers and parents can model the verbs using simple sentences and pointing to the pictures: Oigo un perro. ¿Oigo un avión? No, no oigo un avión. Oigo un carro. Veo un camión. No veo una bicicleta.

With beginner learners, ask yes-no questions: ¿Oyes un perro? ¿Oyes un pájaro? ¿Ves una flor? Point to the picture to clarify your question.

With children who are comfortable with the vocabulary ask ¿Qué oyes? or ¿Qué ves? and follow-up with questions like ¿Dónde está (el pájaro/el carro)? ¿Es fuerte el sonido? ¿Te gusta ese sonido? ¿De qué color es la mariposa?.

To practice the preterite, when you finish the walk you can review what you saw and heard. Again, yes-no questions are easiest to answer. Yo oí un avión. ¿Y tú? ¿Oíste un avión? Yo vi una hormiga. ¿Viste una hormiga? If children know the vocabulary, they can answer the questions ¿Qué oiste? and ¿Qué viste?

Link to Printable Spanish Activities

¿Qué oyes? – What do you hear?
¿Qué ves? – What do you see?

Taking a walk is a great way to get out and enjoy summer. When kids talk about what they see and hear on a walk, it is also a fun way to speak Spanish!

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