A printable birthday poster to use with kids learning Spanish.

Quest Stories has changed websites, and they may have gone out of business. If I find them, I will update the information below.

Quest Stories makes beautiful personalized books to celebrate a child’s birthday. They are working on a Spanish edition of the book now. In the meantime, if you have a little Spanish speaker who will be celebrating a birthday, use Quest Stories free printable birthday poster to encourage lots of language. This is such a great idea for getting more Spanish into a birthday celebration!

The printable birthday poster has lots of fun characters with conversation bubbles. Friends and family can write in typical birthday wishes in Spanish: feliz cumpleaños, feliz día, felicidades.

Using the Printable Birthday Poster with Spanish Learners

With kids learning Spanish you can also use the poster in other ways.

  • You can choose a theme to focus the vocabulary –
    • an animal that they would like to give as a birthday gift,
    • an activity they want to do with the birthday child
    • a place they would like to go together
    • a food they would like bring to the party
    • what they are wearing/would wear to the party
  • Leave names off and let the birthday child guess who filled in each bubble
  • Write in lines of Las mañanitas or another Spanish birthday song
  • Include time for kids to read aloud what they wrote. It is good speaking practice!
  • Hang the poster and revisit the birthday wishes for more language practice. Kids love reading what their friends wrote!

I’m sure you think of more ways to use this printable birthday poster to encourage kids to use their Spanish. Share your ideas in comments.

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Spanish birthday poster encourages kids to write and speak.



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