Colors in Spanish

These activities are made by the Asociación de Educadores Infantiles to teach colors to native Spanish speakers. The activities have instructions to color parts of the pictures certain colors.  Some children really enjoy following instructions to complete an activity, and doing these with a child, or a class, you can say the colors in Spanish over and over. This repetition, combined with the action of using the color, teaches children the words for the colors in Spanish. As you are doing the activity, read the instructions in Spanish aloud again so that your child will hear the vocabulary used correctly in full sentences.

Colors in Spanish – Activity 1

The first picture is of a house, and the instructions say:

Pinta los cristales de la ventana del primer piso de color azul, los del segundo piso de amarillo, los del tercer piso de verde y los del último piso de rojo. / Color the window glass of the first floor blue, the second floor yellow, the third floor green and the top floor red.

There is some color in this picture. If you print in color, you can talk about the color of the trees, and the clouds as you color the windows. If you print in back and white, you can color the rest of the picture too.  Use Spanish sentences like these:

Voy a pintar las ventanas de color azul. / I’m going to color the windows blue.

Hay dos nubes./ There are two clouds.

Las nubes son azules también. / The clouds are blue too.

Estas ventanas están en el tercer piso. / These windows are on the third floor.

Son verdes. / They are green.

Los árboles son verdes también. / The trees are green too.

Voy a pintar estas ventanas de color rojo. / I’m going to color these windows red.

El techo de la casa es roja también. / The roof of the house is red too.

La puerta es roja también. / The door is red too.

El azul es bonito, ¿no? / Blue is pretty, isn’t it?

Me gusta el rojo. / I like red.

Click on this link for a printable activity to teach colors in Spanish.  To print, click on the word Imprimir.

Colors in Spanish – Activity 2

The second activity has pictures of ice cream cones. The cones have one, two or three scoops of ice cream. The instructions are to color the scoops of ice cream different colors, depending on how many there are.

The instructions say:

Pinta los helados que tienen una bola de rosa, los que tienen dos bolas de rojo y verde y los que tienen tres bolas de azul, marrón y amarillo. / Color the ice cream cones that have one scoop pink, the ones that have two scoops red and green, and the ones that have three scoops blue, brown and yellow.

As you do this activity, talk about what you are doing in Spanish and comment on what your child is doing.  Use Spanish sentences like these:

Una, dos – Este helado tiene dos bolas. Voy a usar verde y rojo (Vas a …) / One, two – This ice cream cone has two scoops. I’m going to use green and red. (You are going…)

Primero, el verde. / First, green.

Una bola – voy a pintar este helado de color rosa. (Vas a pintar…) / One scoop – I’m going to color this ice cream cone pink. (You are going to color…)

¿Cuántas bolas tiene este helado? Una, dos, tres.  Necesito azul, marrón y amarillo. (Necesitas…) / How many scoops does this ice cream cone have?  One, two, three.  I need blue, brown and yellow.  (You need…)

Click on this link for a printable activity to teach colors in Spanish.  To print, click on the word Imprimir.

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