Preschool Spanish is fun and easy to teach with the SingALingo program.

Spanish learning in this country keeps getting better and better!  My most recent find is a new preschool Spanish program from SingALingo. The SingALingo Online Spanish Engagement Program is an innovative approach to providing quality language instruction to our youngest learners. I have used SingALingo’s award-winning songs in my classes for years. Singing and moving, children learn vocabulary and key structures, and they learn to love Spanish.

Now, SingALingo is sharing their expertise. In the preschool Spanish program, they provide the materials and methods you need to teach an active, fun-filled class.

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SingALingo Brings Preschool Spanish to You

SingALingo’s activity-based Spanish preschool program brings professional, affordable Spanish instruction to preschools, child care centers, home school and enrichment programs. The subscription-based program provides rich lesson plans with excellent how-to-teach videos to make teaching preschool Spanish easy and fun. The program includes the songs and materials, as well as school and home connections, so kids continue learning beyond the class session.

Weekly Preschool Spanish Sessions

SingALingo’s preschool Spanish program provides content for 9 months of language learning:  9 units, each with 4 activity-based weekly class sessions.

Online teacher pages, with lesson plans and support, make preparing for class simple.  In addition to the plans, the pages include easy access to the how-to-teach videos, audio and printables. The design is excellent, so everything you need is there, exactly where and when you need it. In fact, the entire program is designed to make teachers successful, just as the lessons themselves are structured to make kids successful Spanish learners.

Preschool Spanish Themes and Activities

With Singalingo’s Online Spanish Engagement Program children understand Spanish in context and produce natural language with songs, chants and structured activities.


The content of the program focuses on language needed for everyday activities and interactions. This is Spanish kids can really use! From family and emotions, to body parts and clothes, to the house and weather, the themes of the lessons build vocabulary and provide a context for learning. Review is built into the structure of the program, so children are continually practicing words they have learned.

Songs and Chants

SingALingo’s award-winning songs are an essential component of every lesson. The music brings energy and joy to class, and is coupled with actions to reinforce the meaning of the words. The easy-to-learn chants focus on key language and easily transfer beyond the classroom. Both the songs and chants ensure that kids are getting the practice and repetition they need to learn.


Each lesson has an activity or game to engage kids with new language. By using props you have on hand or printables provided by SingALingo, these activities give children the support they need to use the language successfully.

Music Videos and Skits

In addition to the lessons, SingALingo’s Online Spanish Engagement Program includes a DVD of music videos of the songs and children performing skits. There are also learn-the-moves videos so teachers and kids can get the most out of the songs and have a wonderful time singing and moving.

The skits are an excellent way for kids to use the language they have learned. Watching the video skits, their confidence will grow as they understand the conversations. The videos also serve as a model for kids to do the skits themselves. The skits are fabulous fun and are guaranteed to result in very proud Spanish speakers!

Class and Home Connections

Language learning that goes beyond the lesson is most effective. The SingALingo preschool Spanish program provides support for taking Spanish into the rest of the day and home. With Class Connections, the program incorporates language from each lesson into school routines.

Home Connections help parents support their Spanish learner. In addition to letting families know what their kids learned in class, the Home Connection gives parents the pronunciation of the vocabulary and an activity to do with their child.

You can learn more about SingALingo’s Online Spanish Engagement Program the video below. You can also sign-up for a free trial of the program.

SingALingo’s preschool Spanish is built on a foundation of music, movement, repetition and consistency. This program is going to make life much easier for many Spanish teachers. It will also allow preschools that don’t offer Spanish to begin programs. SingALingo’s excellent songs and their support for teachers will ensure many children have a wonderful introduction to Spanish.

Disclosure: The company provided me with free access to the program for a limited time to be able to write this review. All ideas and opinions are my own.

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