Preschool Spanish students color these cup covers as a language activity.

I use paper cups for all kinds of activities in preschool Spanish. We count into cups and use them for sorting. We hide things under them and stack them into pyramids. I also use cups to hold sets of small picture cards as we work with vocabulary. Of course, they are great for snacks, too.

I made a Me llamo cup cover as an easy way for kids in kindergarten and preschool Spanish to put their names on cups. They add their name to the Me llamo bubble and then decorate the cover if they want to. My preschool Spanish students liked decorating the covers and covering the cups so much, that I made more with vocabulary they know.

These cup covers have just a few Spanish words, but in preschool Spanish they give us the opportunity to talk about the pictures as we color and as they are holding the cup.

These covers fit a 9 oz paper cold drink cup.

Preschool Spanish Cup Covers

Cup Cover – Me llamo

Cup Cover – Animales

Cup Cover – Números

Cup Cover – El invierno

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