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Monarca Language offers an extensive selection of printable materials for teaching preschool Spanish.

The units are designed for children 2-6 and center around core themes such as farm animals, jungle animals, the five senses, pets, food, body parts, plants, clothes, transportation and many other topics.

There are also worksheets for letter and number concepts. In addition, each theme has a recommended craft activity for the different age groups, many with printable templates. Monarca Language has different subscription plans, all reasonably priced. There is also a one-month free trial subscription available.

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For each Monarca theme, there are printable vocabulary cards, worksheets and a game. The Monarca worksheets consist of a variety of age-appropriate preschool Spanish activities based on the vocabulary.

For example, for two-year-olds there are tracing activities. For three-year-olds, there are cut and paste activities and matching. For four-year-olds there are activities where kids find the differences or find the item that does not belong. These are just examples; there are many other kinds of preschool Spanish activities, as well as activities for kindergarten.

Preschool Spanish Printable from Monarca Language

Monarca Language has generously provided Spanish Playground readers with a back-to-school activity to practice the verbs ver and usar, vocabulary related to school supplies and counting. These vocabulary cards provide patterns and repetition and make great mini-books.  You can download the printable here:
Monarca Language Preschool Printable – Regreso a la escuela

Spanish-speaking teachers and parents will find the Monarca materials a wonderful way to introduce kids to basic vocabulary. The worksheets are also an excellent supplement to another curriculum. I really appreciate that for each theme there is a reasonable amount of vocabulary for preschoolers and kindergarteners. I also like that the variety of activities provides plenty of opportunity for repetition.

To learn a language children must hear it spoken. Monarca Language materials provide teachers and parents with an easy way to engage kids by talking about the pictures and asking questions. This lets children hear the correct pronunciation of the vocabulary and how it is used in context. As they talk about the pictures on the preschool Spanish worksheets, teachers and parents also model accurate verb conjugation and sentence structure.

The Monarca Language program suggests a developmentally appropriate craft activity for each theme, and provides printable templates if needed. The crafts are an excellent way to reinforce vocabulary and extend language learning. It is also gives teachers and parents the opportunity to speak Spanish with children as they do the craft. These are excellent activities for any kindergarten or preschool Spanish program.

For each theme, Monarca also recommends additional resources that can be purchased separately. These resources include books, toys and music. Reading the picture books and listening to music, children will hear vocabulary related to the theme used in context, an essential part of language learning. The toys provide excellent opportunities for teachers and parents to use the vocabulary with preschool children and model natural Spanish.

Monarca Language is an excellent source of easy-to-use, age-appropriate language activities for children 2-6. Based on simple vocabulary and reinforced with crafts, books, music and games, this program is a wonderful introduction to Spanish.

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