This is an entertaining activity in any language. At your child (and you!) can paint in the style of the American artist Jackson Pollock and practice colors in Spanish.

  • Move the mouse over the screen to create a drip painting.
  • Click the mouse to change color.
  • Say each new color in Spanish!
  • Use the space bar to clear the screen.

Your paintings will use these basic colors:

black – negro

blue – azul

brown – café

gray – gris

green – verde

orange – naranja (or anaranjado)

pink – rosa (or rosado)

purple – morado

red – rojo

yellow – amarillo

There are also are some variations of basic colors.  To say “light,” use the word claro after the color. To say “dark,” use oscuro.

light green – verde claro

light blue – azul claro

dark green – verde oscuro

dark blue – azul oscuro

Try Spanish phrases like these as you play with your child:

¡Azul! Me gusta el azul. – Blue! I like blue.

¡Qué rojo bonito! – What pretty red!

Es una pintura hermosa. – It is a beautiful painting.

Vamos a hacer otra pintura. – Let’s make another painting.

Let’s do it again. – Vamos a hacerlo de nuevo.

Have fun, and fill your play with Spanish!

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