Image of the characters in the podcast to learn Spanish Buena Gente.

Podcasts are an excellent way to increase exposure to Spanish. In addition to authentic podcasts on a wide range of subjects, there are podcasts specifically for language learners. For example, Buena Gente is a podcast to learn Spanish, featuring an entertaining story and targeting high-frequency structures. 

The podcast is available wherever you listen: 

Learn Spanish with Buena Gente on Spotify

Learn Spanish with Buena Gente on Google Podcasts 

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Buena Gente Spanish Podcast

Although visual clues are important to building language skills, it is also essential to dedicate time specifically to listening. Fortunately, a podcast gives language learners an opportunity to concentrate on audio input.

The Buena Gente podcast to learn Spanish is an entertaining story, and the narrative makes it easier to follow and learn. The story follows Sandra and Alejandro, two cousins who share an apartment in Guanjuato, Guanajuato, Mexico.

The first seasons of the podcast series takes place in their apartment, using everyday vocabulary and expressions. In addition, the characters speak in slow, clear Spanish.

Buena Gente Video Support

The podcast of Buena gente can be used in conjunction with the video series of the same title available free on YouTube. 

The first season of the podcast corresponds to the Spanish Shows for Learning Spanish Season 2 of the Buena Gente videos.

The 5-episode video series has subtitles in English and Spanish, as well as clear visual clues to support the language. The audio podcast and videos complement each other and let learners repeat the content in a different format. 

Activities for Learn Spanish Podcast

You can find listening comprehension questions for the podcast to learn Spanish on our Buena Gente video page. Scroll down to Listening Activities for Buena Gente Season 2. These activities work equally well for the podcast. 

The questions in our set of activities include

  • ¿Quién lo dice? Chart Activity for each episode
  • Multiple-Choice Main Idea Questions each episode
  • Sequencing Events Activity each episode
  • Fill-In-The-Blank Listening Activity each episode
  • Sentence Completion Vocabulary Activities each episode

More Podcast Listening Activities

Many of the other listening activities that we’ve shared on Spanish Playground work well with podcasts. For example, these activities to practice narrow listening skills are excellent before jumping into a bigger listening task.

In addition, you can make your own easy-to-prep activities such as:

  • Give a short introduction to the episode and have students predict what will happen.
  • Provide 2 or 3 main idea questions before you listen.
  • Give students 3-5 key words as column headings and have them make a mark in the column as they hear each word.
  • Ask students to put a set of vocabulary words randomly into a grid (3×3 or 5×5). Then play Bingo as they listen.

Most important, because the Buena Gente podcast to learn Spanish is easy to understand and designed to build language skills, students learn just by listening and enjoying the story. We think that’s an excellent activity in itself!

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