I really didn’t play with my kids that much when they were little. I read to them a lot, but I had a low tolerance for being a dinosaur or making action figures talk. They had each other for most of their imaginative play. One of the things I liked about teaching my kids Spanish at home was that I took time to play in a way that I would not have otherwise, and it wasn’t boring. Using Spanish made the game much more interesting for me.

If you’re playing with your child and using Spanish, remember that activities are more challenging if you’re introducing a second language. A game that seems below your child’s age level in English could be perfect in Spanish. So, pull out those old toys and puzzles. Also, you don’t have to play long – ten minutes or so, and you can get back to the laundry, dishes, bills, or whatever work you brought home from the office. Have fun!

My House: A Book in Two Languages/Mi casa: Un libro en dos lenguas
My house Mi casa - A book in English and Spanish