Spring is here and it is time for parks and playgrounds. Add this Spanish playground vocabulary to your time outside. Remember to use the words as often as you can. Repetition is good! On rainy days you can use the same Spanish words as you draw or play with toys inside.

park – el parque

playground – el patio (de recreo)

swings – los columpios

monkey bars – el pasamanos

jungle gym/general playground equipment – los juegos

swimming pool – la piscina/ la alberca

Let’s run. – Vamos a correr.

Run fast. – Corre rápido.

Don’t run. – No corras.

Let’s climb on the jungle gym. – Vamos a subir a los juegos.

Let’s go to the swings. – Vamos a los columpios.

Let’s go to the pool. – Vamos a la piscina.

Let’s swim. – Vamos a nadar.

Be careful. – Ten cuidado.

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