These online Spanish games involve matching simple text to the correct picture. You change objects in a scene to make them match a sentence in Spanish. The games are excellent for beginning Spanish readers and can also be used with children who don’t read if an adult reads the text aloud.  In either case, the picture exactly reinforces the language, so that the games are also perfect for Spanish language learners.

There is something satisfying about making these pictures; children find them very entertaining. The sentences are short and use common Spanish vocabulary, and the different scenes have several elements that change, but not too many.

On the menu there are six games, each with a different scene.  Juego 1 has just one object that you change by clicking on it. For example, the sentence to the right might say Hay un león grande con los ojos cerrados.  The image on the screen changes each time you click on it, and when you have a big lion with his eyes closed, the words Muy Bien appear at the lower right.  This happens automatically, so if a child does not understand every Spanish word in the sentence, when the game says Muy Bien the picture clarifies the meaning of the text.

The other levels have two, three or four sentences and the same number of objects that change.  It is a good idea to read all of the sentences first. You can often tell which phrases go with which objects. For example, in Juego 3, one of the sentences is Hay un helicóptero de color naranja.  In the picture, there might be an airplane in the sky, and you click it until there is an orange helicopter.

For any of the games click Más at the bottom to get a new sentence, or a new set of sentences, and play again.

Click here to play the game and make the pictures match the Spanish sentences.

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