Your child can learn lots of Spanish, including food vocabulary, reading picture books with you. Frutas y vegetales uses common fruits and vegetables in a variety of simple sentences. Éstas son zanahorias. (These are carrots.) Me gusta la sandía. (I like watermelon.) The different structures are a great way to expose your child to basic phrases and vocabulary in context. These are common verbs and constructions – perfect for beginning Spanish learners. You will easily be able to use the sentences from the book with other food vocabulary at the table.

The bright, engaging pictures in Los alimentos de Maisy have words labeled in Spanish and English. Try incorporating the words into simple sentences. This will make a richer, more natural, language-learning experience. For example, say Me gusta el brócoli (I like broccoli) or Veo la leche (I see the milk).

Although both of these books include English translations, the meaning of the Spanish is clear from the illustrations. You can let your child absorb the language without translating.  She will understand the Spanish and will learn more if it is not connected to the English.

Food Vocabulary in Spanish – La comida
Online activity for practicing food vocabulary in Spanish