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2 Kurious Kids Second Adventure: Mexico is a picture book by Heidi Gill. It is intended for children ages three to eight as an introduction to Spanish. The book is available from 2 Kurious Kids.

The story is in English, but each page includes a list of Spanish words. The words are associated with the illustration and are either vocabulary for objects in the picture or for an appropriate expression such as adiós or buenas noches.

The story itself is simple. It follows two kids as they go through their day together. Together, they decide to pretend they are in Mexico. Logically, their world does not change at all. They do, eat and see exactly what you would expect. Rather, the Spanish words for items in the illustrations are listed so children can associate them with the pictures. Like the kids in the story, readers can imagine that they would say agua instead of water or say cama instead of bed.

The illustrations in the book provide the context for the Spanish words. Only a few of the Spanish words are used in the English text of the story. On each page, after reading the English sentence, parents and children read the list of Spanish vocabulary and identify the items in the picture. If kids point to the pictures as they say or hear the words, they will engage most actively with the language.

As I mentioned, this story follows two children through a very normal day, doing activities that all children will relate to. Even with minimal text, the author creates a caring, close relationship between the older sister and younger brother. They play together, confide in each other and giggle together. Their close relationship reminded me very much of my own children, and was one of my favorite parts of the book.

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