Cover of a personalized bilingual book by TimTimTom.

TimTimTom Books creates wonderful personalized bilingual books in nine languages. Children see themselves as the hero of the story and can read the story in the languages they speak. These books are a wonderful way to affirm identity and language abilities. Most important, they show children how special they are!

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I’m writing about TimTimTom as we’re celebrating Multicultural Children’s Book Day. The publisher sent me a personalized book so I could share my impressions with Spanish Playground readers as part of the MCBD celebration.

TimTimTom Books

Cover of a personalized bilingual book from TimTimTom Books.

These are enchanting books. There are three stories, so you can choose one that features an activity your child enjoys. TimTimTom Books personalizes the story with your child’s name and appearance, as well as your dedication.

In addition, TimTimTom creates the books using the languages you select. You can choose one or two languages, and you have the option of Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Mandarin, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

These are hardcover books, with lovely color illustrations. We received our book last week and the quality is excellent! 

Our Personalized Bilingual Story 

We created our personalized story for my granddaughter in Spanish and English. 

In our case, my granddaughter has an unusual name, Noah for a girl. (Did you know there is a woman named Noah in the Bible? She has a story worth reading!) 

TimTimTom personalized Noah’s appearance, with options for eye, skin and hair color and hair style. The process worked really well for us and the results are darling!

Noah y el Delfín (Underwater Adventure)

We chose the underwater adventure story, and it’s perfect for our water-loving little one. The story taps into the joy children feel when they swim and how they imagine swimming like fish and dolphins. 

The story is bilingual on facing pages. The vocabulary and structures are appropriate for language learners, with the illustrations offering excellent support for the text.  If your child is bilingual or learning a second language, this is a wonderful gift!

Personalized Bilingual Books for a Special Child

Picture books and the experience of reading together are a crucial part of family life and a child’s education. TimTimTom’s bilingual personalized books go a step farther as they affirm your child’s individuality and show her how special she is.

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