Use these printable Mother's Day cards in Spanish with language learners and native speakers.

We are so happy to be able to share these free printable Mother’s Day cards in Spanish. They are beautiful! The cards are also a wonderful way for children to share a Mother’s Day message in Spanish.

Dolphin activities in Spanish fit into an Earth Day or animal theme.

Dolphins are amazing! In addition, learning about these beautiful animals is an excellent way for Spanish learners to develop their language skills. These are some of our favorite dolphin activities in Spanish.

This Spanish class giveaway includes teacher and student materials for elementary Spanish.

Spanish for You! is a classroom-tested curriculum for grades 3-8. The program is theme-based and aligns with national foreign language learning standards.

The Veo veo song teaches Spanish letter sounds and vocabulary in the context of a traditional game.

The Veo veo song and game are great language activities for learning Spanish. Veo veo is the game I Spy in English. In addition to the game, there is a Veo veo song in Spanish.

Songs, printables activities, poems, stories and outdoor games are all Spanish spring activities that engage children with new vocabulary.

Spring is a wonderful season to learn new Spanish words, because Spanish spring activities include vocabulary associated with weather, plants, animals, colors and clothes. Below you will find a variety activities I have done with students over the years.

Try these creative ideas to learn Spanish on your phone.

The most basic functions of a phone are useful tools for learning language. Try these 5 creative, interactive ways to learn Spanish on your phone or to engage kids that are learning the language. Of course, these ideas work with tablets too.