Use this photo challenge in Spanish to engage kids with language.

We want Spanish to be fun and relevant for kids. This photo challenge in Spanish is an engaging, kid-centered activity. It’s creative, personal, and learners of all levels can take and talk about photos.

Listening activities to learn time in Spanish with a short video conversation.

La hora is a short video conversation about daily activities and time in Spanish. Because talking about routines is a natural way to use high-frequency vocabulary, the video is great for language learners. Try the Time in Spanish | La hora listening comprehension activities below.

These Spanish reading games have descriptions to go with pictures of dogs and people.

Spanish reading games are an easy way to have fun with language. For example, these two I Spy games let kids practice reading a description and matching it to a picture.

Listening activities for a video about setting the tabel in Spanish.

Poner la mesa is a short video conversation about setting the table in Spanish. Everyday tasks like table setting are a good way to use common vocabulary in natural situations. Try the Spanish Table Setting | Poner la mesa listening comprehension activities below. Be sure to check out our Spanish Videos for Kids resource page for other fun videos. Setting…

Spanish reading challenges engage kids with books during the summer months.

Spanish reading challenges and progress sheets encourage children to read during the summer months. For many kids, they are a good way add language to the days they are not in school. We have two types of challenges to kick off the summer. One is a progress sheet where kids color a child in the circle each time they read…

Use these listening comprehension activities for a video on saying thank you in Spanish.

Our short video conversations are a fun way to expose kids to natural language. One of our favorite videos is about receiving a gift of flowers. Try the Un regalo: Thank You in Spanish listening comprehension activities below.