Spanish body parts activities include songs, books, movement activities and games.

Body parts are some of the first words children learn. I do activities to specifically teach body parts in Spanish, and also include the vocabulary in the context of stories, games and other content. These are 20 of my favorite Spanish body parts activities to introduce or review these useful words.

Use these simple strategies to teach your child Spanish.

One of the keys to learning a language is consistent exposure over time. A small amount of Spanish in different formats is valuable, and it does not have to be complicated or time consuming. You can help teach your child Spanish with these surprisingly simple strategies.

The Debajo de un botón lyrics tell a story you can use in Spanish class.

Children sing the traditional song Debajo de un botón throughout the Spanish-speaking world. It’s also an excellent song for language learners. Here are the Debajo de un botón lyrics for the version that I use in my classes, in addition to the Debajo de un botón letra completa, the longer version. Below the lyrics, you will find a free download…

Use this Spanish story for beginners PDF to engage kids with everyday vocabulary.

This is more than a story to read or listen to. We want kids to participate as much as possible, so they help tell this story by adding details. There are simple embedded questions with cut and paste answers to add to the pages. Of course, kids can create their own answers, too. Download the Spanish story for beginners PDF…

A Spanish picture-based reading and questions to use as a la casa vocabulary activity with elementary Spanish learners.

Cats know how to use a space, and they put a fun spin on learning house vocabulary in Spanish.  This picture-based question activity is a good way to review la casa, questions and prepositions. There is also a picture-based reading that is a good la casa vocabulary activity. You’ll find the downloads and ideas for expanding on both the reading…

A printable Spanish I Spy reading game wiith board and game cards.

I Spy in Spanish is Veo veo, and it is a quick, easy way to have some fun with language. This summer version incorporates reading, too. Play this Spanish I Spy reading game with your kids or students using one of the suggestions below.