Cover images of Spanish nonfiction children's books from The Creative Company

I’m so excited about this fabulous source for Spanish nonfiction children’s books. The Creative Company has three divisions that publish nonfiction titles in Spanish: Amicus, Black Rabbit Books and Creative Education. These publishers have wonderful titles for both native speakers and Spanish learners. 

Image of the characters in the podcast to learn Spanish Buena Gente.

Podcasts are an excellent way to increase exposure to Spanish. In addition to authentic podcasts on a wide range of subjects, there are podcasts specifically for language learners. For example, Buena Gente is a podcast to learn Spanish, featuring an entertaining story and targeting high-frequency structures. 

Image of home screen of Spanish app for kids

I get emails from parents on a regular basis asking me which Spanish learning apps I recommend for young children. That question has just gotten much easier to answer! The Canticos Spanish app for kids has tons of engaging, effective content to help children learn language.

This image is the reference for the picture-based Spanish reading.

With remote teaching and social distancing in classrooms, there is no more crouching beside a student to examine words and pictures together. However, this picture-based Spanish reading provides lots of support for beginner learners. 

Images of two scenes from Spanish conversation videos.

I’ve spent a lot of time looking for easy Spanish conversation videos for my students. Specifically, I look for short, class-appropriate videos with natural conversations that I can use with novice learners. Unfortunately, they are very hard to find!

My granddaughter is 13 months old now. I take care of her for her busy lawyer parents, so baby books in Spanish have been a big part my days since last summer.