These pictures are part of the printable Spanish memory game.

When students are engaged with a game, they learn without focusing specifically on the language. Mirar y recordar, or Look and Remember, is an entertaining Spanish memory game that definitely qualifies as compelling content. Kids love to play! You can download a PDF of the game below.

Free Voluntary Reading books for the Spanish language classroom.

Teachers know reading is essential to developing language proficiency, but we often struggle to integrate sufficient reading into our classes. One important piece of the puzzle is Free Voluntary Reading, or FVR. If you haven’t tried Free Voluntary Reading, now is the time to get started! Free Voluntary Reading involves scheduling a certain amount of time – as little as…

These printable activities based on the video help students learn prices in Spanish.

Los precios is a short video conversation among three friends. The video uses basic Spanish to talk about a series of everyday objects and what they cost. Watch the video and try the prices in Spanish listening comprehension questions below.

These activities are part of the Spanish classes for kids taught by Language University.

Have I mentioned recently how amazing the online community of Spanish teachers is? I’m sure I have, but I’m saying it again. I love my colleagues and the ideas and materials they share! For example, I just connected with Language University. Their language program in Delaware offers Spanish classes for kids, and they also offer their materials online.

The image of three covers show bilingual books that focus on family.

For Multicultural Children’s Book Day 2020, I had the opportunity to read several bilingual books that celebrate extended family. The books incorporate family into stories in ways that children will find intriguing and also reassuring. In addition, these three books make excellent choices for language learners.

The Ana & Andrew series of books presents African American history in Spanish.

African American history is the history of this nation, yet it is rarely present in our Spanish language children’s books. The wonderful Ana & Andrew series by Christine Platt is an important exception. The adventures of Ana and Andrew will delight young readers as they learn about African American history in Spanish.