Spanish listening practice like these video-based activities develop comprehension skills.

To develop Spanish listening skills, learners need hours of exposure to spoken language. In addition, the language has to be coupled with context and cues to make it comprehensible and engaging. Below you’ll find Spanish listening practice to build this important skill. These practice activities take advantage of video to provide context and important visual clues to enhance comprehension. When…

Eamples of easy authentic foods for Spanish class.

Learning about food from Spanish-speaking countries is an important part of learning language and understanding culture. It’s an excellent way to break up the daily routine, have a class celebration, or spice up an after school program or summer camp. Below you’ll find a list of easy foods for Spanish class.

Learn Spanish health vocabulary with this video and these printable activities.

La salud is a short video conversation about not feeling well. With this video students learn Spanish health vocabulary, how to talk about feeling sick and common symptoms. Watch the video and try the listening comprehension activities below. In addition, be sure to check out our Spanish Videos for Kids resource page for other fun videos and more listening comprehension…

Use this resource book of comprehensible input strategies to bring effective language learning to your classroom.

When I began to teach in the late 80s, Stephen Krashen’s input hypothesis of second-language acquisition was revolutionizing language classes. We were exploring a range of comprehensible input strategies and finding what worked best with our teaching styles.

Use these Spanish stories with limited vocabulary with beginners.

Spanish learners need to hear language  in context, and everyone loves an entertaining story. With that in mind, we created a series of short Spanish stories for beginners. These stories give learners the opportunity to hear verb forms and other common vocabulary.

Use these two Day of the Dead readings for Spanish students to introduce them to the traditions of Mexico.

Are you looking for a Day of the Dead reading for Spanish students? If so, check out these two readings about Día de los Muertos at different levels. Both give students an overview of the important elements of the celebration, so you can choose the level that best works for your learners. A friend from the state of Colima, Mexico…