Learning a language takes lots of repetition and practice, but repetition does not have to be boring. Spanish vocabulary review games keep kids engaged and make learning more effective. Games also provide a context for using all kinds of language.

Use the printable Spanish counting activities to teach numbers and colors.

Spanish counting activities teach numbers and are also useful for teaching other vocabulary. I made these printable Spanish counting activities for beginning readers to reinforce number and color words. Spanish Numbers Activities In addition to these printable Spanish counting activities, many hands-on number activities can be done in any language. Online you will find ideas for dozens of fun games…

Play these Spanish number games to teach vocabulary and number concepts.

Spanish number games build skills and confidence with important vocabulary. Play these Spanish number games with your students to give them the repeated exposure and practice they need to use numbers in their new language.

Spanish riddles teach vocabulary and culture to language learners.

Riddle in Spanish is adivinanza, and adivinanzas can be fun word play for children. Below you will find some of our favorite Spanish riddles to use with language learners. You will also find printable pages with Spanish riddles about animals and Spanish riddles about food.

Kids learn vocabulary for clothes, weather, seasons and places with these Spanish clothing songs.

Spanish clothing vocabulary is important for kids to learn because we all have to get dressed every day, and we talk about clothes in relation to places, weather, seasons and activities. Below you will find some of our favorite Spanish clothing songs.

This printable Spanish bingo game is an fun Valentine's Day activity for kids.

Bingo is lotería in Spanish, and it is an excellent language learning activity. Below you’ll find a printable Spanish Bingo game for Valentine’s Day that you can use with a wide range of ages.