These flower themed activities are a fun way to learn Spanish colors.

Talking about flowers is a terrific way to learn colors in Spanish. In addition, kids learn other important Spanish vocabulary and science concepts when they learn about flowers. Below you’ll find some of our favorite activities to learn Spanish colors with flowers.

These bilingual color books are sturdy board books for little hands.

Board books are an important part of children’s first experiences with reading, so I choose them carefully. For example, these bilingual color books from publisher Gibbs Smith are a wonderful choice for young readers.

Songs, videos and printable activities help kids learn fruit in Spanish.

Kids love fruit and eat a lot of it, so they like to learn fruit in Spanish. Here are some of our favorite Spanish fruit activities to do with language learners. When kids learn fruit in Spanish they also learn vocabulary for colors and sizes. In addition, talking about fruit is an opportunity to reinforce healthy eating habits. Be sure…

Use these activities to learn Spanish for kids colors and other basic vocabulary.

Spanish color words let kids describe their world and they also lend themselves to lots of fun activities. That’s why colors in Spanish are often some of the first words children learn. Here are our favorite songs, videos, games and activities to learn Spanish for kids with colors. Be sure to check out our other Spanish for Kids vocabulary activities…

Spanish ebooks for middle and high school students provide comprehensible input.

Spanish learners need to hear lots of comprehensible language and then read texts with the same target structures. Below you can download Spanish ebooks for the Buena Gente series.

Use these printable activities to build Spanish sentences with beginning learners.

This activity is like putting together a puzzle as students create sentences to describe the pictures. They build Spanish sentences using three words by choosing a word of each color to construct the sentence. You can download two free versions of the activity below.