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Carrera de globos is a new online Spanish vocabulary game for learning key words in four categories. Players advance in a hot-air balloon race by answering questions correctly. They can practice wild animals, professions, body parts and bugs with this activity from OnlineFreeSpanish. See the end of this post for ideas on how to use the free printable coloring pages on OnlineFreeSpanish to do activities using the game vocabulary in complete sentences.

Online Spanish Vocabulary Game:

Carrera de globos

This online Spanish vocabulary game has pictures to clarify the words and audio. There are several types of questions for each set of vocabulary. The game allows players to choose more than one type of question at a time.  Players can:
– match the picture to the word
– sort syllables
– find the missing syllable
– sort letters
– find the missing letter

The online Spanish vocabulary game uses individual words, so you will want to do other activities that use the words in complete sentences. OnlineFreeSpanish has free printable coloring pages for each of these categories. The printable coloring pages are an easy way to do activities like these:

– Use the coloring pages to make a book by adding a sentence to each page.
For beginners, use a pattern. For example Hay un león. Hay un camello. or Veo un león. Veo un camello. Kids with more Spanish can describe the picture with an adjective.

– If kids color the pictures, they can add a sentence that includes a color word. For example: La mariposa es amarilla. El niño lleva una camiseta roja.

– For the professions, use the coloring pages to write a sentence about what each person in the picture has:  El profesor tiene tres libros. El piloto tiene un avión.

– Cut out the pictures and make a collage that includes a complete sentence about each picture.

– Make a matching activity with sentences that describe the picture or that use the word. Kids match the sentences to the picture.

– Kids can order the bugs or animals by size and make a comparison: La mariposa es más grande que la hormiga. El elefante es más grande que el león.

OnlineFreeSpanish also has several other games and printable word search puzzles for each of these categories.

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