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We Give Books is a free online library of children’s books and they now have a few Spanish stories and dual language books available. If you are not familiar with We Give Books, do take a look at this amazing program. It is a collaboration of the Pearson Foundation and Penguin Group and designed so that kids help other children around the world while they are reading. Penguin works with its authors to provide an outstanding selection of online books while the Pearson Foundation donates print books to charity partners. So, reading in Spanish, or English, will directly impact the great work of non-profit organizations around the world.

Right now We Give Books has just a few Spanish stories, but they are well worth the visit.

Since I wrote this post, the selection of Spanish books available has changed somewhat. You can search Spanish and español on the site. The searches give different results, so it is worth doing both.

Link to Online Spanish Stories for Kids

Spanish Books for Kids from We Give Books

Three books are available to read without signing up for a free account:

– Before You Were Here, Mi Amor  by Samantha Vamos & Santiago Cohen
This is a lovely story with Spanish words woven into the text.

– Super Caterina y Los Super Insectos by Jacky Davis y David Soman
This is the translation of Ladybug Girl and the Bug Squad. It is all in Spanish and at a fairly high level for Spanish language learners. The English version is available online too.

– Prepárate kindergarten, allá voy by Nancy Carlson
This story has the Spanish and English text on each page. The sentence structure is simple and there is lots of common vocabulary. This is an excellent book for Spanish language learners.

If you sign up for a free account (a 30-second process), you will have access to the full library. There are over 150 books in English. In Spanish, you will find:

La llama llama rojo pijama by Anna Dewdney
This is the Spanish version of Llama Llama Red Pajama. It is an excellent translation and the rhyming text in Spanish is just as effective as it is in English. The English is also available on We Give Books.

– ¿Quién fue Leonardo da Vinci? by Roberta Edwards
This book has the highest reading level of the Spanish books available on We Give Books. For native speakers, it is appropriate for 8-10 year olds. It is part of the entertaining biography series Who was… The English edition is not available online.

On the Causes page you can learn more about where your donated books are going. This summer the program Read for My Summer supports public libraries across the United States. The program also has fun ideas for featured books, including activities from Read Write Think.

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