Online Spanish stories provide high-interest reading for kids anywhere.

Reading is one of the best ways to build vocabulary and give kids consistent exposure to Spanish. These online Spanish stories are short and supported by illustrations.

Check out our Spanish reading for kids resource page for online books, printable reading activities and activities for favorite picture books.

Kids can read these stories on mobile devices, so they can start a new story anywhere.  The stories are also free, which makes them an excellent supplement to a home or classroom library.

The 50 online Spanish stories are divided into three groups. The first group  has stories with text, illustrations and audio. The second group has text and illustrations, but no audio. The third group of online Spanish stories are videos. Kids get the support of the images and listen to a story, but there is no text.

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Online Spanish Stories with Audio, Text and Illustrations

Stories from StoryPlace

These online Spanish stories are from StoryPlace. You can also find games and printable activities to go with the stories.

Coloree el arcoiris

Plátanos para el almuerzo

The Fable Cottage

Use this collection of online Spanish stories with language learners.

Familiar stories aid comprehension, and kids love fairy tales! The Fable Cottage has a selection of online stories with audio.


These 3 online Spanish stories are from Pictocuentos. They have pictograms to support the text as well as illustrations and audio.

Ricitos de oro

Caperucita roja

El patito feo

Online Story from Scholastic

This story from Scholastic will please Clifford fans.

¿Dónde está Emily?

Online Spanish Stories from Bartolo

There are several online Spanish stories from Bartolo, a digital resource from Chile to promote literacy. They are Adivina lo que siento (and an activitiy for that story), La mono vestida, La cigarra y la hormiga and El cabrito y el lobo. You can find all the stories on the Bartolo website under the tab Lecturas.

BoxBook Stories

These 2 online Spanish stories were created by BoxBook

La navidad de Santa

El pequeño pianista

This story is about a perro and a pericotito. A pericote is a ratón, or a mouse.

El perro Bobby

Stories on YouTube

You’ll find this lovely story on YouTube.

El niño come libros

This story is about a bear who wants a friend. There is text to print and a video of the story being told with figures. You can print and cut out the figures to tell the story too.

Printable Spanish Story and Scene: El oso y sus amigos

Online Spanish Stories with Text and Illustrations


The online Spanish books from Wilbooks reach a range of levels.

Wilbooks Online Spanish Books come at a range of levels. You can also order print copies. This is a wonderful resource!

Buena Gente Spanish eBooks

These stories are PDFs that you can print or use on a device.  The story corresponds to the video series Buena Gente, so the audio component is also accessible. However, you can certainly read them without watching the series. Find the free Spanish ebooks for Buena gente here.

You can print these Spanish ebooks to use with language learners.

Aprendices Visuales

These 4 online stories from Aprendices Visuales have pictograms to support the text as well as illustrations.

Las pelusas se mudan de casa

La rana pirata

El dragón chef

El oledar explorador

Easy Spanish Books in PDF

I made these 5 online Spanish stories for my beginning Spanish learners. They are excellent for preschoolers, but also are appropriate for older kids who are starting to learn Spanish.

You can download all of these books as PDFs here: Easy Spanish Books in PDF

The titles are Grande y pequeño, ¿Qué hay en un árbol?,¿Uno, dos, tal vez tres?, Busca los colores and Es primavera.

These 3 stories were created by teachers for Spanish learners. The pictures are small, but the language is at a good level and there are activities to go with each story.

Pepa y su cesta

El viejo y su paraguas

El pájaro y el pan

Online Spanish Stories on Issuu

This story uses shapes to make a clown. It is a good read aloud. The font is the script that children learn in Spain, so it may be more difficult for beginning readers.

Aprendo las formas

This story introduces children to the water cycle.

Había una vez una gota de lluvia

This is a collection of fun poems with pictograms to support the text.

Poesías con pictogramas 

Online Spanish Story from Mexico

This wonderful story from Mexico has many cultural references to food.

Relajo en la cocina

Online Stories by Hans Wilhelm

These 2 stories are by Hans Wilhelm.

Gol de Federico

Qué desastre

Online Spanish Stories with Images and Audio

These 7 online Spanish stories are on YouTube. They will be familiar to many kids.

Eres tú mi mamá

El mejor nido

Vive como creas que es mejor

Los tres cerditos

El joven cangrejo

Blancanieves y los 7 enanos

El mitón

There are many more online Spanish stories, so please share your favorites so we can add them to the list. Also, check out our Spanish Books for Kids for booklists, publishers and activities for specific picture books.

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