Online Spanish stories for pre-readers, Spanish learners and children with special needs.

Aprendices Visuales creates online Spanish stories supported by pictograms. In the description of the project, the creators explain that the goal is to provide children with special needs, pre-readers, and others with stories that have additional visual support. This is an excellent resource for language learners.

Aprendices Visuales has two collections of stories: Aprende and Disfruta. There are 15 stories in the collection titled Aprende. These online Spanish stories use lots of basic vocabulary. Some center around places: el parque, el supermercado, la calle, la peluquería, la fiesta de cumpleaños. Other stories are based on emotions: estar contento, estar enfadado, estar triste, estar asustado, estar sorprendido. Another set of stories focuses on daily routines: clothing, food, bath time, brushing teeth, hand washing.

These themes include many words and structures that are relevant for Spanish learners. The pictograms that accompany the illustrations are especially designed to convey the meaning of the words. They are an excellent aid to learning new vocabulary.

These stories also use short sentences and patterns. The story embedded below, José en el parque, is a good example.

There is only one story in the Disfruta collection at the moment, but more are planned. The story, El oledor explorador, is a fun adventure story of a monster who goes in search of pepper. It is little longer and more complicated than the ones in the Aprende collection, but still very appropriate for Spanish learners.

All of these online Spanish stories are shared under a Creative Commons License, so you can download, print and share them with the same license, non-commercially, as long as you give proper credit to the authors.

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