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I just cannot bring myself to write a real back-to-school post yet, but I know that a lot of us are thinking about classes. If you are exploring resources for school or to use at home with kids learning Spanish, take a look at ARASAAC, the Aragonese Portal of Augmentative and Alternative Communication. The site offers “graphic resources and materials to facilitate communication for those with some sort of problem in this area.”

The users of the site work with Spanish language learners and Spanish speakers with communication disorders. The site offers an huge range of graphics, online tools and materials created by users. It is a wonderful free resource for teachers and parents.

Link to Resource for Teachers and Parents of Children Learning Spanish – ARASAAC

If you are looking for images there are five catalogs: pictograms in color, black and white pictograms, photographs, Spanish Sign Language (SSL) videos and photographs. You can search any or all of the catalogs at once. If you save the images you like in mi selección, you can use the online tools to create bingo boards, calendars and other materials. You also have the option to hear most of the words pronounced and download the pronunciation. There will be a play button next to escuchar locución if there is a sound file.

If you would like to use materials that others have made, just click on materiales on the top tool bar. A search box lets you select idioma (castellano), areá (lengua y literatura, matemáticas, conocimiento del medio natural etc.) nivel (educación infantil, educación primaria) and tipo (ficha, cuento, juego colectivo, juego individual, etc.).

Here are a couple of examples of materials that users have made. These links take you to the pages where you can open PDFs:
This is a set of materials for working with the emotions contento, enfadado, asustado and triste and situations that might make someone feel that way: Juego de los sentimientos

This set of materials for preschoolers or beginning readers has examples and pictures of the letter sounds. For each letter there are suggestions of how to teach the sound with a group of children: Programa de estimulación: Articulación

Spanish Song and Dance Teaches Body Parts: Chuchuá
Spanish Reading with Comprehension Questions