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Algarabía is a Mexican magazine devoted to culture and language. The original print version for adults is always wonderful reading, and it is also available as a digital version. Algarabía Niños is just as fun, and if you haven’t seen their online magazine yet, your day just got a little better.

Algarabía Niños is a great resource for anyone teaching Spanish to children or raising children speaking Spanish. It is full of Mexican culture and language presented in a fun, interactive format. The content also includes high-interest articles on topics like Harry Potter and contemporary Hollywood child actors. The articles are generally short, and with proper support many can be used with Spanish language learners. You can find out more about Algarabia Niños and their print and digital subscriptions here.

This online magazine has lots of content, and it is worth taking time to explore on your own. In addition to articles on language and culture, Algarabía has stories on why birds fly, why comets have tails and many other topics related to animals and science.

I will just mention a few articles to get you started. These have cultural content that make them of particular interest to Spanish language learners:

La piñata – An article on the history of the piñata

Inventos mexicanos – A short article that highlights 5 inventions made by Mexicans

Atoralenguas, decifranzas y rimoderas – An article with some fun tongue-twisters

Federico García Lorca – A short article with some interesting facts about the famous Spanish writer.

La vida en un palacio – An article on the casas señoriales of Mexico City. The article includes interesting information about life in colonial times.

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