Online Spanish games teach reading and math.

Proble+ (pronounced proble-mas) are engaging online Spanish games that combine reading comprehension and basic math skills from the Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte of Spain.

These games are perfect for Spanish language learners because the questions and activities are presented in a context that continually reinforces meaning. There are also graphics to give visual support to the words and printable follow-up activities. I think these are great activities for children learning Spanish! You will find the enlace at the end of this post.

Tica and Tapo, a chicken and a dog, are the two characters in the activities. When a child launches the online Spanish games, it asks if she has ever been there before. If she answers no, there is a preliminary set of three questions about Tica and Taco:

– Tica come grano y Tapo come huesos. ¿Quién come grano?
– Dale a Tapo el hueso más largo.
– Tica tiene 2 granos de trigo y 3 granos de maíz. ¿Cúantos granos de maíz tiene Tica?

When a player answers the three questions, there is a prize – a printable domino game with the characters Tica and Tapo and the words grano and huesos. The game is designed to reinforce the meaning of both words as kids match grano to Tica and huesos to Tapo.

Online Games Structure

If a child answers that she has been there before, the game takes her directly to the main menu. There are three options: Problemas de Tica, Problemas de Tapo and Jugar con Tica y Tapo. Problemas de Tica and Problemas de Tapo each have five sets of questions centered around a theme and a math skill.

For example, in the Problemas de Tica, kids can choose from
– Tica come
– Las gallinas
– Tica pone huevos
– Decenas de granos
– La familia de Tica

Each of these topics presents a situation, for example, Tica come de todo pero le gusta mucho el maíz. Todos los días come un plato lleno de granos de maíz. Then there is a series of reading comprehension and math questions related to the situation.

As they play, kids will learn and practice useful verbs like tener, quedar, repartir, medir and concepts like más, menos, igual, decena, unidad.

They will also practice math skills like measuring, continuing a series and map reading. After each activity there is printable game or activity to reinforce the concepts and the vocabulary in the questions.

Proble+ – Lectura comprensiva de problemas de matemáticas

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