Online Spanish games for kids from the publisher Teide.

These online Spanish games are provided by the Spanish publisher Editorial Teide as support for their textbooks. They are designed for children in Spain, but many of the activities are also appropriate for Spanish language learners.

These online Spanish games for Primer Ciclo (6-8 years old)

  • Deal with basic concepts, vocabulary and language structures.
  • Some of the games are very simple, for example, categorizing objects as duro or blando. Others, like Viviendas diferentes use more language and would also be appropriate for older students.
  • Several of the online Spanish games let kids practice basic grammar: articles, subject-verb agreement and categorizing verbs according to tense. These activities are relatively simple and are appropriate for many Spanish language learners.
  • Many of the activities also have a print option.

The link below will take you to a menu of online activities for Curso 1. You can also access these online activities by going to Editorial Teide. When you click Bienvenido, a drop-down list of regions will appear. Select Andalucía, the first option. On the next screen, there is a drop-down menu under the Educación Primaria tab. Click on Actividades en linea. From there, select a Curso (1-6) to get the list of online activities for that grade.

Link to Online Spanish Games from Editorial Teide:

Lista de juegos – Curso 1

There are lots of activities in the lista de juegos above. Some of them do not use any language at all. Others are particularly appropriate for children learning Spanish. These are the online Spanish games that have a language component and work well with Spanish language learners:

– ¿Duro o blando? – Categorize pictures of objects.
– Los sentidos – Relate pictures to the words saborear, ver, tocar, oler, oir.
– Viviendas diferentes – Match sentences describing homes to pictures. This activity has more language and the vocabulary is at a higher level.
– ¿Una cosa o más de una? – Choose the correct article to match the word. The words are accompanied by images.
– Veo, Veo – Examine a photo to find a specific object. Select the sentence that describes the object. This game is challenging because the photo disappears after a short time. Kids need to read what they are looking for quickly.
– ¿Quién hace qué? – Match conjugated verbs to pronouns. The activity includes the vosotros form.
– ¿Con B o V? – Complete words by filling in the missing letter, B or V. The words are accompanied by images.
– Profesiones – Match text to photos of professions.
– Expresiones y frases hechas – Match idioms to their meanings. This activity requires more language and would not be appropriate for beginning Spanish language learners.
– Antes, ahora o después – Match conjugated verbs to time frames. The verbs are in the imperfect, present and future tenses.

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