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These online activities are an excellent way for children to practice the colors, numbers, shapes and letters because all of the activities have excellent Spanish audio. Everything is pronounced clearly by native speakers. These online Spanish games are intuitive and fast to load and play. There are no ads and the screens are very clean with no distractions. You will find the link to the main Menu at the end of this post.

The main menu is divided into nine sections: Letras Mayúsculas, Letras Minúsculas, Mayúsculas/Minúsculas, Figuras Geométricas, Escritura, Palabras, Números, Colores, Imprimir.

The three sections that teach letters each have several different activities and all of the activities have sound. Kids can click on letters to hear them pronounced, drag and drop to build letters and then hear them, connect the dots, and match upper and lower case letters.

The section on shapes, Figuras Geométricas, has six different activities. The shapes are pronounced in all of them, making these online Spanish games perfect for children learning the language. Kids drop and drag the shape to its silhouette,click on a shape to hear it pronounced and see the written word, match the correct word to the shape, play memory, build a picture with shapes, and click on the correct letters to spell the word.

In the section Escritura children click on shapes, upper case or lower case letters to see how they are drawn or written. Each shape or letter is pronounced as it is completed.

If they click on the icon Palabras, kids can practice spelling shapes and colors. They see the color or shape and hear it pronounced. They are also given a set of letters containing the letters of the word in order and need to click on the correct ones. This is an excellent activity for practicing identifying the letter sounds they hear in a word.

In the Números section, kids practice one-to-one correspondence of objects and the word or the numeral. There are also activities with memory cards, matching, and for to learn to tell time.

The activities on colores, Colores on the menu, include clicking a color to see the word and hear it pronounced, matching the written word to the color, memory, and identifying the letters in a word.

The last icon in the menu is Imprimir. Here you can print letter, number, shape and color pages like those in the exercises.

Link to Online Spanish Games to Practice Colors, Shapes, Numbers and Letter Sounds

Online Games in Spanish from The Literacy Center Education Network

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