This online game has falling pictures of words that contain the syllables ca, co, cu, que and qui.  Using the arrow keys, players center the picture so that it falls onto the syllable contained in the word.

This game has moved since I wrote the post. If I can find it again, I’ll update the link.

Kids learning Spanish recognize most of the vocabulary used in this game, so it is a good activity for language learners who are starting to read. Players match the sound they know with how the sound is spelled. Because is uses pictures, it reinforces the meaning of words. Also, players can pause the pieces, say what the picture is and think about what syllable they hear. Then they can move the picture above that syllable before they start the game again. This keeps kids from getting frustrated by pictures that fall too quickly. Three of the five syllables are highlighted as they play. The word will contain one of those syllables. At the last level there are words on the screen instead of pictures.

The audio introduction to the game is fast. The text appears too, but the audio does not exactly match the written words. The important information is that players move the pictures using the arrow keys on the keyboard.

Link to online Spanish game

Online Spanish Game – Tetris ca, co, cu, que, qui

Online Spanish game – Vocabulary

These are the words that the pictures in the game represent:
cuchillo – knife
casa – house
coche – car
castillo – castle
cuchara – spoon
collar – necklace
capa – cape
copa – glass (with a stem)
cucaracha – cockroach
saco – sack
caramelo – candy
perro caliente – hotdog
cuernos – horns
cocodrilo – crocodile
banco – bench
barca – small, open boat
cuna – crib
cuaderno – notebook
mosquito – mosquito
queso – cheese
paquete – package
esquimal – Eskimo
casco – helmet
cocina – range/stove
chaqueta – jacket
periquito – parakeet
quiosco – kiosk

With any game based on pictures, there is the chance that the players will not be able to tell what a picture is. Most of the pictures are easy to recognize, but there are two that I cannot identify, a fruit and a stand of some kind. Both of these use the syllable qui. The words they are looking for have not occurred to me, but if they do, I will add them to the list.  (Thanks to Anneliese for identifying one of the pictures!  See the comments.)


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