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This online game is a good way to practice Spanish color words. It is from Spanishspanish and players hear and see a sequence and then repeat it by clicking on the correct colors. The sequence gets longer if the player does it correctly.

The photo that players click on is of toenails painted different colors. It is cute, something different, and makes little Spanish learners smile. The audio is very clear and the timing in the game is good. The colors are not repeated too quickly.

Although the game is probably more fun to play if you teach or review the colors first, kids could learn the color words as they play. There is a visual clue to go with the audio; the toenail is circled and the word appears. Because you do the entire sequence each time, there is lots of repetition and kids will associate the color with the sound they hear.

The color anarajando looks a little yellow on my screen. You will want to clarify with kids what the colors are by comparing them to colors around you. Also, the game instructions are in English text on the screen: “wait”, “now it’s your turn”, and “go.” If you are playing with a child, say the instructions in Spanish. You can use espera, te toca, and ya.

This online game uses the colors rojo, azul, verde, gris, rosa, blanco, anaranjado, negro, morado, and amarillo.

Link to Online Spanish Color Game

Color Sequence Game from Spanishspanish

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