sand writing

Writing in the sand is tons of fun! The cool online tool that this post was originally about is no longer available, but of course, you can do the same activity with real sand or salt.

Writing in sand is an easy way to make writing Spanish words or drawing simple pictures more entertaining. It is not easy to write long sentences in sand or salt, so structure activities for easy writing. Try activities where kids write letters, numbers, individual words or make simple drawings. This is perfect for spelling words or repeating math problems.

Here are a few sand writing activities to try:

  • Practice letters and numbers.
  • Write a letter and think of a word that starts with that letter.
  • Play tres en raya (tic tac toe).
  • Count by 2, 5, 10 and write the numbers as you count.
  • Do math problems (Say addition problems aloud like this: 3+2=5 is tres más dos, cinco or tres más dos igual a cinco.)
  • Draw shapes and practice shape vocabulary.
  • Draw stick figures and practice body part vocabulary.
  • Take turns making a simple drawing and guessing what it is.
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