This activity gives you a house with lots of empty rooms and furniture to put in them. Click and drag the furniture into place. All of the furniture is labeled, so just say the Spanish words as you arrange the rooms as you like.

Click here to decorate the house.

These are some of the Spanish words for the rooms that you can practice as you play:

el baño – the bathroom

la cocina – the kitchen

el comedor – the dining room

el dormitorio – the bedroom

la sala – the living room

Talk about what you are doing or use simple Spanish sentences to describe what your child is doing. Your child is learning Spanish as she listens and associates the language with what she sees. You can use structures like these:

Voy a poner la cama en el dormitorio. – I’m going to put the bed in the bedroom.

Voy a poner la lámpara en la mesa. – I’m going to put the lamp on the table.

Pones una ventana en la cocina. ¡Buena idea! – You are putting a window in the kitchen. Good idea!

El teléfono está en la mesa. – The telephone is on the table.

Kids love this activity!  Have fun!

Los tres osos – a book and CD for practicing house vocabulary
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