These online games are a really good way to practice numbers in Spanish. Kids match the number they hear to the correct number on the screen. There are different games for practicing the numbers to 10, to 20 and to 100.

Since I wrote this post, the website is no longer active. If I can find the site, I’ll update the links.

I like these games because of the audio. Children hear native-speaker Spanish, so they learn to pronounce the numbers correctly. I also like that they are not simply counting and repeating the numbers in order. They really have to know which Spanish number they are hearing. Also, the games are well structured. There are only four choices each time, so children can be successful.

These games should load in Spanish, but if they don’t, just click español next to the Spanish flag above the game.
Game to practice Spanish numbers 1-10
Game to practice Spanish numbers 1-20
Game to practice Spanish numbers 1-99

You can find variations of the number games in Spanish here. Again, click español if this page does not load in Spanish. The games under Hasta 5 años use the numbers 1-10. The games under 5-7 años use numbers up to 20, and the games under 8-9 años use numbers to 99.

I include these games in a list of at-home activities that I give students in my private classes. When they know the numbers through 15, I introduce 16-20 and then teach 30, 40, 50, etc. in class. Playing these games at home, they quickly master the numbers through 100.

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