Spanish vocabulary for kids

This is a set of four games to teach vocabulary. I think they are great for children learning Spanish because they have really clear audio and great pictures. All of the games involve hearing a word, and then clicking on it – popping balloons for colors, dragging the shapes to the correct silhouette, choosing the correct fruit and clicking on the correct body part.

Children need to hear lots of native speaker Spanish to be able to pronounce the sounds of the language correctly. You can encourage your child to repeat the words, but they are also learning pronunciation by hearing the native speaker audio. Of course, these games are good listening practice and an easy way to reinforce vocabulary. The parts of the body, colors and fruits are very common words. Some of the shapes are not as common, but kids can figure them out by the process of elimination.

On the main menu, where you choose which game you want to play, there is an option to turn off the text and just use the audio. Playing with just the sound, and not reading the word, is more helpful for Spanish language learners. That way they can absorb the correct pronunciation without interference from the text and also practice their listening skills. Children can always listen to a word again by clicking on the speaker.

Click this link for online Spanish vocabulary games.

This is the vocabulary used in the games.

Las frutas – Fruits

las fresas – strawberries
el limón – lemon
la manzana – apple
el melón – cantalope
la naranja – orange
la pera – pear
la piña – pineapple
el plátano – banana
la sandía – watermelon
las uvas – grapes

Los colores – Colors
amarillo – yellow
azul – blue
blanco – white
morado – purple
marrón – brown
naranja – orange
negro – black
púrpura – purple (In this game púrpura is lighter than morado, with more red tones. The usage of this word varies.)
rojo – red
rosa – pink
verde – green

El cuerpo – The Body
la boca – mouth
la cabeza – head
la cara – face
los brazos – arms
las manos – hands
la nariz – nose
los ojos – eyes
las orejas – ears
el pelo – hair
las piernas – legs
los pies – feet

Las formas – Shapes
el círculo – circle
el cuadrado – square
el heptágono – heptagon
el hexágono – hexagon
el octágono – octagon
el pentágono – pentagon
el rectángulo – rectangle
el triángulo – triangle

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