This simple game is called Encuentre el bebé (Find the Baby). Each screen presents a different scene, such as a living room, or the park.  You and your child click where you think the baby might be hiding.

The game asks in Spanish ¿Puedes adivinar dónde está el bebé? (Can you guess where the baby is?).  You will see the question on the screen and hear the Spanish audio. Repeat the question  ¿Dónde está el bebé? to your child. Then, click where your child thinks the baby is hiding. If the baby is not there, you hear Trata otra vez. (Try again).  If you are right, the baby comes out and you hear ¡Sí, te vi! (Yes, I saw you!).  Then you will hear Tratemos de nuevo. (Let’s try again). Click on the arrow in the lower left corner for the next screen.

Click to play the Online Game Encuentre el bebé.

Hearing the question and actively looking for the baby link the concept of place to the word dónde. In this way, the simple activity teaches the meaning of dónde and the use of the verb estar for location.


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