This is another activity for practicing colors and pronunciation. The games on this site from Spain have audio, so that children can hear and learn to pronounce the sounds of Spanish. The games are simple and incorporate images that make it possible to use the color vocabulary in context.

This game has moved since I wrote the post. I’ll update the links if I can find the new location.

The menu screen will show the words Vamos a jugar con los colores (Let’s play with colors), and then you will hear four options: vamos a vestir a Kika, vamos a guardar cada cosa en su sitio,, vamos a pintar con los colores, and vamos a explotar globos). The audio that accompanies this screen is computer-generated, but the audio for the activities is very good.

Click here to practice the colors in Spanish with Vamos a pintar con los colores.

Here are suggestions for doing Vamos a pintar con los colores with your child. To begin, click on the colored pencil at the top of the menu screen.

In this activity, you click on the color that you hear, and then the color of the object in the center of the screen will change.

Click on the speaker in the upper left hand corner to hear the color word pronounced.  The written word is given, but it is important to hear the correct pronunciation. Notice that the r in rojo and rosa is the the rr sound. This is true of an r that begins a word.

When you click on the right color, you will hear ¡Qué guay! This is an expression that means “how cool” in Spain. The pronunciation is similar to “qué why.”

It is a good idea to use the colors and objects from the activity in sentences. Colors are adjectives, so the ending of the word changes to match the object that is being described.  (See Nouns, adjectives and agreement for more information.) These are the objects in the activity, and the colors that describe them. You can make sentences like these as you do the activity:

La manzana es roja.

La pera es verde.

Hay una nube azul.

La paleta es rosa.

El platano amarillo es bonito.

Veo una naranja naranja.

Me gusta la flor morada.

Hay un coche azul.


Online activity teaches Spanish pronunciation and colors 1
Online Activity for Spanish Colors and Pronunciation

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