The activities on this site from Spain have audio, so that children can hear and learn to pronounce the sounds of Spanish as they learn the colors.  The games are simple and incorporate images that make it possible to use the color vocabulary in context.

This game has moved since I wrote this post. I’ll update the link if I can find it.

The menu screen will show the words Vamos a jugar con los colores (Let’s play with colors), and then you will hear four options: vamos a vestir a Kika, vamos a guardar cada cosa en su sitio, vamos a pintar con los colores, and vamos a explotar globos). The audio that accompanies this screen is computer-generated, but the audio for the activities is very good.

Click here to learn the colors in Spanish with Vamos a vestir a Kika.

Here are suggestions for doing Vamos a vestir a Kika with your child.  To do this activity, click on the girl.

This is a good activity for learning the colors, or for review.  Each time you click on a color, you hear the Spanish word, and the clothes that Kika is wearing change to that color.

As you do this activity with your child, repeat the words you hear. If you are confident of the colors, say the word before you click, but be sure to repeat the word again to practice pronunciation.

It is a good idea to put the color vocabulary into a sentence. Try simple sentences like these:

Kika se viste de rojo. (Kika is wearing red.)

El verde es bonito. (The green is pretty.)

Me gusta el azul. (I like the blue.)

I will post suggestions for doing another of the color activities from this site tomorrow.

¡Que tengan un buen día!


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