Oh Noah is a digital series to teach children Spanish.

Have your kids met Noah? He is the protagonist of the PBS KIDS digital series Oh Noah!, designed to introduce children ages 4-7 to Spanish in an entertaining way. Today, in celebration of El Día de los Niños, PBS KIDS is launching new Oh Noah! videos and games.  They are also making all of the series content available on mobile and tablet devices.

Videos are a great way for children to learn Spanish. Check out all our Spanish videos for kids.

Using video with embedded games, Oh Noah! teaches basic Spanish vocabulary and creates a context where children hear Spanish and can begin to understand what is being said.

If you are not familiar with the series, the premise is that Noah is visiting his grandmother in a community where no one speaks English.  He is trying to learn Spanish, but there are misunderstandings that lead to different adventures and funny predicaments.  Noah and his pet mouse Pequeño always manage to work things out and learn more and more Spanish.

New Oh Noah! Game and Video

I am very excited about a new game that being launched today called “Lost and Found. The game creates a Spanish immersion experience in the form of an interactive scavenger hunt. Noah and his friend Nell ask friends for help to find different things, and there is lots of language learning along the way. Check out this new game by following the link above.

The new content being added today also includes the 11-minute video “Making a Splash” and a new set of short videos. In “Making a Splash”, Noah and two friends go swimming. Noah doesn’t know how to swim, but after a misunderstanding and some water skiing tricks, he comes out with both swimming skills and new Spanish vocabulary.

Educational Resources
PBS KIDS is providing educational resources for the new video and games for both teachers and students. You can find these resources on PBS Learning Media. PBS Parents and the Oh Noah! website will also have support for parents in the form of a new printable family activity guide and other activities.

Mobile Devices
As of today, you can take Oh Noah! with you as all content will be accessible on tablet and mobile devices. Oh Noah! videos are also accessible on the free PBS KIDS Video App, which is available on a variety of mobile devices and on platforms such as Roku and Apple TV.

Language Learning Role Model
One of the things I like best about Oh Noah! is that in its basic concept the series acknowledges that learning a language is a process. Noah is a great model as a language learner! Even when he makes mistakes and there are misunderstandings, he continues to try and to take risks.

I also appreciate that the character of Noah is in the wonderful situation of being surrounded by a supportive, kind environment. I love that this web series models respectful, helpful interactions with language learners. Children learning Spanish who watch Oh Noah! will learn more than new vocabulary.  They will learn to extend that same supportive attitude to the people they meet who are learning English and other languages.

I am so happy that PBS KIDS is expanding the content of Oh Noah! and supporting educators and families who are teaching children Spanish. Be sure to take advantage of this fun resource by going to PBS Kids to meet Noah today. You can also follow Noah on Twitter and Facebook.

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