Five no-prep Spanish activities for kids.

It’s time for the Friday Five! These no-prep Spanish activities are easy to do with kids. They can all be used with beginners or adapted for children who speak more Spanish. Of course, even more advanced learners need repetition and review, and they can have fun with these no-prep activities.

1. Talk about this summertime photo of a little girl and her dog using the description and questions that follow. This no-prep Spanish speaking activity spans levels and ages.

2. Watch this fun Spanish Words Kids Love|Transportation video. It has simple patterned sentences such as Es un taxi. Es un camión, and it was filmed in beautiful Guanajato, Mexico.

3. Make this free mini-book from DLTK: Es hora de ir al colegio  It is a good way to practice ver and the very common structure “es hora de + infinitive.” Print it in black and white and talk about the pictures as you color them. Try to incorporate the structure into your daily routines: Es hora de comer. Es hora de dormir.

4. Listen to and sing Mi cuerpo – it is one of my students’ favorite songs! This version is by Music with Sara.

Mi cuerpo, mi cuerpo
mi cuerpo hace música. (2x)
Mis manos dicen pom, pom, pom.
Mis pies dicen bom, bom, bom.
Mi boca dice la, la, la.
Mi cuerpo hace cha, cha, cha.

You can see many videos of classes performing this song with the actions by doing a search for mi cuerpo hace música on YouTube.

5. Do this no-prep Spanish scavenger hunt with simple household objects. For older kids, add more objects or make the items on the list more specific (un zapato negro, un vaso de plástico de color rojo, etc). The pdf has a version with just pictures and a version with pictures and text.

You can also try one of these other scavenger hunts.

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