The deadline for this contest has been extended until May 15th!  Encourage schools to enter!

My Bilingual School Library Contest is the idea of Ana Flores and Roxana Soto at SpanglishBaby.  This is a fabulous contest!  Please keep reading and then spread the word.

This contest will award a school library $500 worth of bilingual and Spanish language books.  It is a wonderful prize and schools should definitely participate on that basis alone.  However, please realize that this contest is much more than the prize.  A good contest is a learning experience for the students and for everyone involved.  One school will win the books, but every school that participates in this contest will benefit from the experience.

My Bilingual School Library Contest asks students to design a poster to celebrate El día de los niños/El día de los libros, and write a paragraph to explain why their school should win and what winning would mean to the school.  Simple, right?  It is, and yet to complete this task students must think about their school, their classmates, and their situation. Designing the poster and writing the paragraph imply an appreciation of language, books, and culture. Many bilingual schools will participate and I believe that many English-speaking students will consider, for the first time, the fact that their library has a wealth of books in English and relatively few in Spanish.

The first step in creating a rich learning environment for all of our students is an awareness of the current situation. The need for Spanish language books exists at every level, starting with picture books and extending through young adult literature and across all genres.  My Bilingual School Library Contest is the perfect way to show appreciation for books and language and also to raise awareness of the need for these books in our libraries.  Please, spread the word and encourage schools to enter!

This link will take you to Spanglish Baby’s post announcing My Bilingual School Library Contest. There you will find a link to the contest rules.

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