Fun bilingual songs by Mister G get kids singing and dancing in Spanish.

Are you ready to sing, dance and learn some Spanish? Mister G has just released a new CD, Los animales. This collection of bilingual songs is an excellent choice for kids learning Spanish. You can learn more about Mister G and purchase the CD on the Mister G web site.

Highlights of Los animales by Mister G

  • The songs are built on basic vocabulary and structures
  • Grammy award winning musicians play a variety of Latin rhythms
  • The songs have lots of repetition so kids can easily sing along
  • Lots of rhyme! Hearing rhyme is essential to pronunciation and important in developing reading skills.
  • Three short conversations between Mister G and his friends. These are great listening practice, and the tracks model a  wonderful enthusiasm for language learning.
  • A short Spanish paragraph by Mister G in the liner notes can be shared with kids as a reading or listening activity. Officially, it is a dedication, but the level and content make it a fun reading for learners.

All of the songs on this CD pull kids into the sounds and rhythms of Spanish. You can listen to the songs on Los animales on the Mister G website. These are a few highlights.

Siete elefantes. Kids love to count in Spanish, but this song also incorporates simple rhyme and vocabulary. You can hear the song in the video below.

Baila como las hormigas. Salsa rhythm combined with actions gets kids moving and dancing. With Baila como las hormigas, they practice lots of vocabulary for body parts. It is also an opportunity to introduce basic salsa steps. The song has rhyme and rhythm that will have kids singing along the first time they hear the song and then saying ¡otra vez!.

Buenas noches. This goodnight song wraps up the CD with calming rhythms and soothing sounds. Language learners get practice with the structure Le doy las buenas noches a … as the song sings goodnight to family and friends. As a follow-up activity in class, or a bedtime routine at home, this structure could easily be personalized. Kids can use the same structure to say or sing goodnight to important people in their lives.

The key to learning Spanish is consistent exposure to meaningful, comprehensible language. Add movement, culture and fun, and you have a recipe for language that sticks in kid brains. The songs on Los animales are not designed specifically for teaching Spanish – they are first and foremost songs that inspire kids to sing and dance. Of course, when they are singing in Spanish and dancing to Latin rhythms, there is a lot of learning going on!

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Disclosure: The company sent me a copy of this product to be able to write the article. I may have been compensated for my time. All of the ideas and opinions are my own.

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