These me gusta activities use food vocabulary in communicative interactions for Spanish learners.

We use the verb gustar and food words together all the time, so it makes sense to learn them together. I made a PowerPoint and a printable mini-book for students to practice me gusta, no me gusta, and 12 Spanish food words. These me gusta activities with food vocabulary also teach geography and culture because the fruits and vegetables all originated in Latin America.

Check out Food from Latin America for an infographic of the food vocabulary, printable picture cards and a video.  These are all excellent materials for me gusta activities in your classroom.

PowerPoint Activity to Practice Me Gusta

This PowerPoint has photos of fruits, vegetables and other foods originally from Latin America. You can use the photos for me gusta activities in pairs to express likes and dislikes or for large group discussion. It is also fun to show a photo, ask ¿Te gusta? and have students answer by moving to one side of the room or the other. Then you can have students answer chorally, Sí me gusta and No, no me gusta.

You can expand the practice of gustar and the cultural component by including dishes we make with the foods, such as tortillas de maíz, salsa, guacamole, etc. The PowerPoint includes familiar foods that use the foods from Latin America as an ingredient.

Download the PowerPoint presentation to practice Me gusta. Please note, I use Keynote, but I saved the presentation as a PowerPoint file because more people use it. You may need to adjust the spacing when you open the file in PowerPoint. You can see a few of the photos in the Me gusta PowerPoint below.

Download the PowerPoint to practice me gusta and food vocabulary

You can use the me gusta activities with Spanish learners of all ages.

Printable Book to Practice Me Gusta

The printable book provides plenty of repetition of the correct verb form of gustar and the indirect pronoun students need to use to express what they like or don’t like. On each page, they personalize their answer by choosing the sentence wtih me gusta or no me gusta. They also indicate if they like or don’t like the food by coloring the face next to the sentence.

The correct agreement of the verb gustar and subject serves as a model for students. Some of the foods are singular and others are plural, so if you are explicitly teaching grammar, you can point out the agreement.

This 1/2 page book to practice gustar is black and white, and you can print back-to-back. I review numbers as students assemble the books and color vocabulary as they color the pictures. The back page is blank because I use that page for a written question that varies with the group.

Download the printable mini-book to practice me gusta and food vocabulary.

This printable book is one of the me gusta activities that you can use to also teach food vocabulary.

Hands-On Me Gusta Activities

Of course the very best context for practicing gustar is a personal reaction to how a food tastes. Bring samples of the foods and dishes for your students to try, if at all possible. Be sure to check for allergies, especially if you are going to include peanuts!

If you are not in a setting where students can try the foods and say me gusta or no me gusta, having the foods for them to touch and pass around is also valuable and an excellent compliment to the photos. Be sure to include time to describe the foods you bring to class. It is an excellent way to review color, size and shape vocabulary.

Food Vocabulary for Me Gusta Activities

With the printable mini-book and the PowerPoint, students practice gustar and learn about food that originated in Latin America. I also use these me gusta activities to present basic information about each of the foods. This video on South American food has examples of the kind of basic facts I present, and it is also excellent listening practice.

This is the food vocabulary in the book and PowerPoint.

Foods Originally From Mexico and Central America

el maíz
el aguacate
la calabaza
el chile
la papaya
el chocolate
el tomate

Foods Originally from South America

la papa
el maní / el cacahuate
la fresa
el camote
la piña

These photos and the printable mini-book make it easy to practice gustar with students at any level. What are your favorite me gusta activities to do in class?

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