Weekly Healthy Pledge To Help Children

You may have seen my posts about Nourish Interactive and their wonderful materials. It is a great bilingual website dedicated to supporting parents by providing them with useful information to help them improve their families health and educating children about the importance of nutrition and exercise.

March is National Nutrition Month and Nourish Interactive has a campaign to help kids eat healthier and be healthier by making one simple pledge each week. This is a pledge to do something, not to give money! Last week the pledge was to help them fill half of their plates with fruits and vegetables, and this week the pledge is help kids eat a healthy breakfast daily.

Each week nourishinteractive.com gives a new pledge, one simple goal to focus on to help children eat healthier and some tips to help you get started. It literally takes less then one minute to show your support! All pledges are entered into a weekly drawing for cool prizes that promote health (valued at $30-50).

It will only take you a a minute of your time so please support this important cause. Our children are counting on you!  You can make your weekly pledge to help kids by clicking here.  Please join me and make your pledge for healthy children.

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