Mandala coloring pages to use with kids learning Spanish.

Mandalas are circle drawings, art patterns that integrate figures, geometric forms and colors around a unifying center. Mandalas occur in nature, art and architecture. They can be used to present information and show the relationship of parts. Mandala coloring pages are an excellent way to integrate art and academic content.  You can learn more about mandalas and their use in educational settings at the Mandala Project.

The repetition and connections in mandalas make coloring them an excellent activity for language learners. There are many mandala coloring pages that incorporate representations of common vocabulary. For example, there are mandala coloring pages for the seasons, animals, many holidays and even household objects.

Many mandala coloring pages create a context for language because they are designed to represent connections. Coloring mandalas has also been shown to be very relaxing for children.

These are a few of the different kinds of mandala coloring pages that can be used with Spanish language learners. They are related to different themes, letters and colors.

These are only examples. You can find mandala coloring pages to teach and reinforce all kinds of content. You can also make your own mandalas or help kids make them.

Letter mandalas. – A complete set of mandalas for the Spanish alphabet. The letter is in the center and the design incorporates words that begin with that letter. This set is in black and white and also in color.

Summer mandala

Sun, moon and stars mandala

Farm animals mandala

Hedgehog mandala. I admit that erizo may not be the most useful vocabulary, but it is a cute mandala.

Dolphins and shells mandala

Soccer mandala

Pond life mandala You need a subscription to to download this one.

Mandalas with coloring instructions in Spanish There are 12 pages with different designs.

Write a mandala
Mandalas can be made using words to create the design. Kids can use words that are meaningful to them, including phrases, quotes, sayings, song lyrics, or lines from poems.

This Mandala Pamphlet has instructions for writing a mandala and a printable template on page 15.

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