Image of two illustrations of the lyrics to Los Pollitos, a traditional Spanish song.

Spring is on the way, and Los pollitos dicen is the perfect song to sing with language learners. Children sing this traditional song throughout the Spanish-speaking world. Today I’m sharing a darling coloring-story book of the song with the Los pollitos dicen lyrics I use in my classes. 

From the lyrics below, you can see that the song has high-frequency language like dicen, tienen hambre, tienen frío and duermen. The download has illustrations that support the story and activities to expand on the language.

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Los Pollitos Dicen Lyrics

Los pollitos dicen pío, pío, pío,

cuando tienen hambre,

cuando tienen frío.

La gallina busca el maiz y el trigo.

Les da la comida y les presta abrigo.

Baja sus dos alas, acurrucaditos,

hasta el otro día duermen los pollitos.

Listen to Los pollitos dicen and see the illustrations and lyrics in the printable story-coloring book in this video.

Los Pollitos Dicen Activities

I use this song in preschool and with students in the early grades. We learn it over a period of weeks, and my preschoolers love the story. I had one little student who was worried about the chicks. When I asked ¿Quién les va a dar comida?, she burst out “I will!” even though she had heard the story a dozen times. I love preschoolers so much!

I originally made this download to share with parents and staff at the school where I was teaching, so it has some extra support for those who don’t speak Spanish.

The download has:

  • Story pages with the lyrics
  • Cut-outs for stick puppets and other activities
  • Picture cards for games
  • Suggestions for using the materials and additional activity ideas.

With Los pollitos dicen, we do a variety of activities related to chickens and chicks, food and weather.

The descriptions of the activities are in the download. These are the photographs of hen with chicks that I use: Photo 1, Photo 2, Photo 3. They are adorable!

The activities also mention the song Josefina La Gallina. You can find that song and our other favorite chicken songs in Spanish here.

Printable Books and Activities

Download the set of Los Pollitos Dicen Coloring Song Book and Debajo de un Botón Coloring Song Book

Los Pollitos Dicen Song

There are many recordings of Los pollitos dicen available to download.  I use the version by Music with Sara. Click here to buy the song from Music with Sara.

Have you used the Los pollitos dicen lyrics as a story in your classes? Or do you have another traditional song you sing and tell as a story? We would love to know what works for you in the comments below.

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