position words in Spanish

This activity involves listening to instructions that describe a location and then clicking on the object in that location.  Native Spanish speakers play the game to practice the concepts of left, right, center, upper and lower.  For Spanish language learners who have already mastered these concepts, it is excellent vocabulary practice. Native speaker pronunciation and the natural rate of speech also make this activity good listening practice.

Click on this link to practice listening to position words in Spanish.

From the menu choose Juegos educativos (Educational games) and then Señalar los objetos (Indicate the objects).

Click on one of the numbers 1-9 to choose nivel de trabajo (level) and then click the arrow to begin.  Starting with level one and advancing though the levels, the activity provides plenty of repetition. There are three questions at each level and the player can then redo the level or advance to the next.

After choosing a level and clicking on the arrow, the player hears Cuando estés listo para iniciar la actividad, haz clic sobre la pantalla (When you are ready to start the activity, click on the screen.)

Each screen shows a set of objects and the player hears instructions to click on an object in a certain position.  For example, at level one, the screen shows a row of three objects and the audio might be Señala el objeto que está a la derecha (Indicate the object at the right).  At level five, the screen shows seven objects and the instructions might be Señala el objecto que está abajo y a la izquierda (Indicate the object at the lower left).

This is the vocabulary used in the activity:

a la izquierda – to the left
a la derecha – to the right
en el centro – in the center
abajo – lower, bottom
arriba – upper, top
esquina superior – upper corner
esquina inferior – lower corner

At the higher levels, the terms are combined in phrases like these:
esquina superior derecha – upper right hand corner
en el centro y arriba – center top
abajo y a la izquierda – lower left
esquina inferior derecha – lower right hand corner

Levels 1-7 are in completely in Spanish.  Levels 8 and 9 include instructions in other languages.

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