Here are some phrases to help you incorporate numbers in Spanish into your day.

¿Cuántos hay? – How many are there?

¿Cuántos tienes? – How many do you have?

Vamos a contar -Let’s count.

¿Qué número es eso? – What number is that?

¿Qué número sigue? – What number is next?

With younger children counting in Spanish can be part of many activities. You can count:

Stairs, as you go up and down

Buttons on clothes

Fingers and toes

People, animals and objects in picture books

Train cars

Cheerios, crackers, other snacks

With older children, counting can also be part of certain activities. I used to have my daughter’s third grade soccer team count in Spanish as they did their stretches. They may not have won many games, but their pronunciation was very good! With older children, consider counting in Spanish with activities like these:

Playing thumb wars –to win, one person pins the other’s thumb and holds it while she counts to 12 in Spanish

Exercising or stretching

Playing basketball – count baskets in a row

Counting money

Jumping rope

With older children, you can also use numbers in Spanish to talk about scores of games, dates of events and telephone numbers.

¡Qué sigan contando y jugando con los números en español!

Keep counting and playing with numbers in Spanish!

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