Look at the picture with your child. Read the questions that follow and answer them together. Don’t worry about understanding every word in the questions. You can often understand the main idea anyway. The ability and the confidence to listen (or read) for the main idea without understanding every word is a very important language-learning skill. It is good to guess at a meaning that makes sense in the context. As your child hears words repeated, she will understand them and how they are used.

smiling kids with masks

¿Cuántos niños hay en la foto?

¿Dónde están los niños? ¿Están en el parque, o en la casa?

¿Cuántas manos se ven en la foto?

Indica la naríz de uno de los niños.  Indica la boca de otro niño.  Indica el cabello del tercer niño.

¡Muy bien hecho!

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