Children can learn lots of Spanish helping you around the house. When my children were small, as we set the table I would ask ¿Cuántos tenedores? How many forks? Cinco. Then we would count them out together- uno, dos, tres, cuatro, cinco¿Cuántos platos? How many plates? Cinco. And again we would count together. The movement, the repetition and touching the objects all contribute to learning Spanish.

Here is some of the Spanish vocabulary that you use to set the table and during a meal:

Vamos a poner la mesa. – Let’s set the table.

el tenedor – fork

la cuchara – spoon

el cuchillo – knife

la servilleta – napkin

el plato – plate

el plato hondo – bowl

el vaso – drinking glass

la sal – salt

la pimienta – pepper

¿Cuántos/cuántas?  – how many?

The word cuántos or cuántas changes to match the word that follows. As a general rule, if the word that follows ends in an –o, use cuántos. ¿Cuántos vasos? How many glasses?  If the word that follows ends in –a, use cuántas. ¿Cuántas cucharas? How many spoons?

For more information on agreement, take a look at As a rule – nouns, adjectives and agreement.

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