It’s summer!  As the evenings are longer and the weather is better, we are spending more time outside.  Make Spanish a part of your outdoor activities.  Children learn best when they hear Spanish in context, that is, related to the situation and what they are doing.

These are Spanish words and phrases you can use as you spend time outside with your child.

bird – el pájaro

butterfly – la mariposa

flower – la flor

grass – el pasto

lake – el lago

outside – afuera

pasear – to take a walk

river – el río

sea/ocean – el mar

shade – la sombra

sun – el sol

tree – el árbol

water – el agua

Use phrases like these to speak Spanish with your child:


When you are going outside

Do you want to play outside? – ¿Quieres jugar afuera?

Let’s go outside. – Vamos afuera

Let’s take a walk. – Vamos a pasear.


Talking about what you see outside

The grass is green. – El pasto es verde.

The flowers are pretty. – Las flores son bonitas.

The tree is tall.- El árbol es alto.

I see a butterfly. The butterfly is white. – Veo una mariposa. La mariposa es blanca.

I see the river. I like the water. – Veo el río. Me gusta el agua.

There is a bird in the tree. – Hay un pájaro en el árbol.

Talking about what you are doing outside

As you smell the flowers:

The flowers smell good. – Las flores huelen bien.

When you want to run:

Let’s run to the tree. – Vamos a correr al árbol.

When it is time to rest:

Let’s sit in the shade (in the sun, under the tree). – Vamos a sentarnos en la sombra (en el sol, bajo el árbol).

Talking about the pictures when you’re reading

There are three trees. – Hay tres árboles.

There is the river. – Allí está el río.

The ocean is pretty – El mar es muy bonito.

You can also use these words as you are drawing with your child, or making scenes with stickers.  For suggestions on speaking Spanish as you draw, click here.

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