LEGO challenge cards in Spanish are an engaging reading task for kids learning the language.

LEGO bricks are an amazingly versatile and entertaining toy. They appeal to a wide range of ages, and teachers successfully incorporate the building toy into activities related to many subjects. These LEGO challenge cards in Spanish give kids a fun, hands-on way to engage with the language. You can download the cards at the end of the post.

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LEGO challenge cards encourage children to think creatively to complete a building task. LEGO challenge cards in Spanish use the task to reinforce common vocabulary. Some of the challenges involve making an animal or object: Construye un sol or Haz una serpiente. Other challenges reinforce basic concepts such as colors, numbers and shapes. To understand the task, kids use reading skills, or listening skills if someone reads the challenge to them.

The LEGO challenge cards in Spanish are excellent reading practice. For this reason, the numbers on the cards are written out as words. On one set of cards, the content is supported by an image, making it easier to understand the task. There is also a set of cards with no images for kids who have more vocabulary and are reading at a higher level.

These LEGO challenge cards in Spanish provide hands on practice with vocabulary.

To make the most of the LEGO challenge cards in Spanish, be sure to talk to kids about what they are making and about the finished product. Ask what the challenge was (even if you know) and encourage them to re-read the card to you. Use the vocabulary on the card and related language so they hear the words in context. If it is appropriate for the level, ask them to describe what they built.

There are 44 different tasks on the LEGO challenge cards in Spanish. Because LEGO is different every time you play depending on the bricks you use, kids can use the cards over and over.

Kids practice reading skills with these printable LEGO challenge cards in Spanish.

There are several blank cards on the PDF. Encourage kids to think of other challenges and help them express them in Spanish. Use the sentences on the cards in the set as sentence frames for new cards. For example, children can complete Construye un/una … in countless ways. They can also change the number of colors in a task or the number of bricks.

Download LEGO Challenge Cards in Spanish

LEGO Challenge Cards in Spanish – Text and Pictures

LEGO Challenge Cards in Spanish – Text Only

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