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Add a little Spanish to your weekend with these activities. They are the Friday Five! Five quick and easy activities for kids learning Spanish.

1. Do a letter activity. For little ones learning Spanish, cut lots of examples of one letter out of magazines and newspapers. Then make that letter with the letters you cut out. Here is a photo. You will have the opportunity to say the letter name many times, and you can talk about words that start with that sounds.

With older kids, make a collage with pictures of things that start with the same sound or syllable. You might want to make a list of possible objects to look for first.

2. Do a syllable jump. Kids jump once for each syllable in a word. Syllables are so important to learning Spanish! You can print a set of cards and use those words, or choose words from a book or a song or a category. This set of rhyming word cards works well. (Of course, you can also do rhyming activities.)

The syllable jump can be cooperative or competitive. Kids can start apart, and jump to reach each other (alternating or both jumping for each word). They can also jump beside each other to go a certain distance, or they can make it a race by thinking of their own words and jumping that many syllables.

3. Print and play this card game to practice vocabulary and comparisons (El sol es más grande que la luna). A big part of learning Spanish it making it relevant, so you can also make cards that apply to your family and household.

4. Listen to the song Las cuatro estaciones by Rockalingua. Then sing along. Music is one of the very best ways of learning Spanish! Print and color the lyrics sheet and talk about the pictures.

5. Listen to Soy una taza and learn the motions. Sing and dance along. It is fun!

Soy una taza,

una tetera,

una cuchara,

un cucharón,

un plato hondo,

un plato llano,

un chuchillito,

un tenedor.

Soy un salero,


la batidora,

una olla express.

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Photo Credit: marfis75 via Compfight cc

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