Children learn Spanish colors in context as they hear stories and play games. The words for colors are adjectives and agree in number and gender with the noun they describe. (For more information see this explanation.) These Spanish online activities include colors in context so that children can hear the words pronounced correctly and are exposed to the correct Spanish grammar.

¿De qué color es? In this activity, click on the crayon that answers the question ¿De qué color es? (What color is it?). It is great exposure to Spanish pronunciation and agreement. After you click on the link, the game takes about 30 seconds to load.

El arco iris (The rainbow) In this online story, La Rana Freda (Freda the frog) fills in the colors of the rainbow. First, she mentions an object and says “Puedo adivinar su color.” (I can guess its color.) Then, she fills in part of the rainbow as she says the color. Children hear the Spanish word and see the color. Again, it’s a good way to expose children to correct pronunciation and Spanish grammar.


black – negro

blue – azul

brown – marrón, café

gray – gris

green – verde

orange – anaranjado

pink – rosado

purple – morado

red – rojo

white – blanco

yellow – amarillo

Enjoy the colors of spring!  ¡Que disfruten de los colores de la primavera!


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